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I wish I was in New Orleans

It is getting late as the decreasing moon is casting a glow on the city. I am on my way through small streets off public attention, lit by blinking lights and neon signs of bars, small stores and workshops. Exceptionally crowded alleys, considering the time, brimming over with life, filled with constructive talent illuminating the night and forming the chaos that surrounds me.

People are appearing everywhere, emerging from nowhere. Not only passing but rather darting by; filling the area with motion. Now and then sitting down and drinking, talking and gesticulating, drowning in exhilaration, carelessly enjoying their existence. Behind open windows I see ceiling fans rotating, propelling the crowd through space. The air is vibrating, the walls are resonating. 

I get yanked in.

I see feet dancing, hands drumming, bodies shaking. Faces distorted in ecstasy, eyes narrow, mouths open and cheering in response to the music. Craving for each note, loving music; longing for evolution, loving life. Heads nodding approval, anticipating each turn, awaiting every chorus. Individuals attuning to a greater desire, losing themselves. 

I'm riding the waves, floating on top. Letting me fall, trying to capture some of what is happening. But I'm completely lost. Shipwrecked on the seas of delight, no shore in sight. Then, i see her. 

My rescuing angel. 

As I look at her, everything around me appears to stand still. I remember her from somewhere. I struggle to focus. My peripheral vision blurred, my view narrowed to a small slit around her eyes. She looks at me, it feels familiar. We met somewhere, in another dream. I remember her eyes. Small lakes in the woods, reflecting scarce sunlight off the bushes; sparkling pools of infinite deepness.

We are staring at each other, across the room. I feel the need to approach her and as if she has been waiting for my signal we both start moving. Steering for each other, dividing the crowd with straight lines. Coming closer, I see her torso rise and fall with every breath, her hair floating slowly in the breeze of the fan above our heads. 

We are reaching for the center of this universe.

Finally closing the gap, almost touching, we are facing each other, watching. I see the tip of her tongue appear, caressing and slightly moistening her upper lip, while her inquisitive eyes are watching me eagerly. A question forms in my mind, but she puts her index finger on my lips, answering all my questions.

All my questions.

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